Friday, April 8, 2011

We Aren't Selling Wrapping Paper, But We'll Take Donations!

I'll say it, I HATE fundraising.  It's the one of those necessary evils when you have kids of school age.  My rules have always been not to solicit donations for goods.  I'll buy the pizzas, gift wrap, thank you cards, etc. and spend my money toward the need but I'm not into badgering friends and family to contribute.  After all - we all have this and that we have to buy for our own kids fundraising crazy schools.

I'm more of a provide the time/service - volunteer.  Ask me for my time (which is way more valuable in my opinion) and I'll give it freely.  I do however set aside funds to contribute to causes and events which will directly impact the person doing the fundraising - mission trips that a family member is going on, run/walks for a charity that someone I know is directly affected by, etc. because I feel those are growth opportunities for that person.  Just recently my niece Victoria participated in a Read-A-Thon to raise money to purchase a printer for Jubilee School in Haiti. I gladly pledged 0.05 per page because I knew their family is very involved with the Much Ministries Charity and their work with the Jubilee School; Victoria's brother Kevin has been on multiple mission trips before and after the tragic earthquake that shattered that country; but also because I knew it would challenge Victoria to read as many pages she possibly could - a child reading is a child learning!  I also just received her letter yesterday announcing her summer mission trip with her youth group - and Yes Victoria, you can count on us to contribute! :)

That said, for the past 4 years our daycare Odyssey Early School, has participated in an Easter Fundraising Event to raise money for local charities.  This year, our school is tasked with garnering donations for the Crippled Children's Foundation.  I will admit here - not a big fan of the name of the foundation.  Probably because I have been educated on what it means to have a special needs child and how certain words used to describe conditions are just not appropriate in this day and age by the fabulous blogger, Tanis Miller of Attack of the Redneck Mommy

However, that said, I am a BIG fan of the charities which are supported by CCF and have worked with several of them personally through the Children's Hospital Auxiliary here in Birmingham.  I have never asked for contributions toward Odyssey's annual fundraiser, but have always made our own toward the event.  However, this year being Jack's last at Odyssey I'm going to go out on a limb and do the deed - solicit donations on behalf of my kids and the school.  They are both old enough now to learn and understand what it means to help others less fortunate, and although it's not like we can visit all our family and friends personally to ask for your spare change, I can offer to provide an original work of art created by Jack and Duke for each and every person that donates toward the cause.  My goal - to have my children suffer writers cramp from coloring all the pictures they will neeed to color and send as thank you's for your contributions while teaching them a little lesson in appreciation and a giving heart! 

So, if you have any spare change, and I mean ANY - even $1 will do!, please click through the Donate button on the top of this page and you will be directed to our family PayPal account where you can easily and safely contribute toward this fundraiser.  We sincerely thank you in advance.  Donations will be accepted through Thursday, April 21st.

Disclosure: Although highly unlikely given the number of students that participate with mega family resources here in Birmingham, the boys will be entered into a drawing for 1 month's tuition free if we raise $500.00, but I'm not holding my breath.  They are starting out with $50.00 each from us. However, if our Inverness School raises more than the Trace Crossings location as a whole, the kids get an ice cream social on Friday, May 6th (although we will be on vacation!) but still - I'm pulling for Inverness!