Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing things happen to those who are patient

Waiting is just not fun, anticipation can be, such as in the birth of a child. Most of us are familiar with seeing that pink line on a pregnancy test at somewhere between 6 weeks and 3 months into a pregnancy...the shorter end if you are trying like mad to make a baby and the longer end if you are hoping like mad it's just a fluke and #.... isn't really coming so soon after the last one!

Well, imagine waiting nearly 3 years for the birth of your baby. Somewhere the anticipation loses it's muster and becomes waiting. But then, as the waiting lingers, you learn the art of patience and just then is when the most amazing reward for not allowing the patience to become see your baby for the very first time!

I am trying, and probably horribly at that, to describe what I imagine my dear friend from years gone by, Sian and her husband Brette and daughter Ava, have just experienced. They have just announced the confirmation of the adoption of their second daughter!

I am so happy for them and excited for this next journey the three will take to China to welcome their little girl to the amazing amount of love they have built up to give her.

Congratulations McDonald family of four! I am so thrilled for your excitement! There is nothing more amazing than the addition of a new baby to a family! Enjoy every minute of this new adventure!
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