Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RUN Forest RUN!

Just testing a feature on my blog and emailing a post…we’ll see how it works.


Have to publically thank my husband for allowing me to do something for myself and join the newly opened Snap Fitness in Chelsea.  Well, I shouldn’t really use the word allow, PUSH would be more appropriate, since I tend to put just about everything in this world before myself.  (Isn’t that the definition of MOM in Websters?)


So, last night was our first attempt at the park and swap.  I call him after I’ve picked up the kids and he met me in the parking lot of the club, which is located exactly in our path on our way home every night, where we swap vehicles, he takes the kids home and gets them started on supper and I spend 30 minutes or so on the treadmill for a run.  It worked well last night.  I still made it home by 6:30 and was able to have supper with them and spend an hour with the kids before they went to bed.


Of course, last night worked because Cory is in town, but the bonus of this place is that you can use any of the clubs across the country…or city in my case, and there is one just around the corner from my office so on the days he’s out of town, I can still get in my run. 


Run Mommy Run…we’ll see in a month how it’s going.





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