Thursday, February 4, 2010

Light Speed

So, no one shared with me that the "I can do it!" 2's are nothing like the "I do it by myself!" 3's.  Hello!!  I thought it was all the same thing.  A clue in from the Mom Squad would have been nice.  I've got one of each right now and both are going at full speed ahead.

It's not so much me missing them needing me.  It's more me managing to let each of them do things by themselves simultaneously with neither of them (or me) needing a trip to the emergency room (or psych ward) because I can't keep them from going above and beyond what they are capable of.  We haven't quite hit that level yet, but it's just peeking up from the horizon.  I can see all the pretty colors, pinks, oranges, golden yellows, then POW, noon day sunlight in July in Alabama.

Duke is simply in the "I do it, I do it!" stage.  He can do lots of things, take off his shoes, put them in the basket by the back door, bring me his coat, zip it up once it's on.  But there's still that need for a reminder of the next step in the process, the boost into the car, the reminder to sit in the seat, not stand up facing the rear of the car jumping up and down.

Jack however, does NOT want to be reminded at all of what he needs to do next.  He wants to anticipate and perform.

Let me tell you - my brain is like spaghetti trying to manage their development needs right now.  Because God help me if I tell Jack to do something that he already knows he needs to do or move Duke along a little quicker than he's taking at whatever task is at hand.

Tonite was actually an experiment in what life is likely headed to be in another few months on a regular basis.  When we got home, Jack went into the bathroom to potty to remove his pants and underpants that he had tee tee'd in just a bit (that's a whole other subject I would rather not get into here) and then put a new pair on and his jeans, all by himself CORRECTLY.  Later, at bathtime, Jack needed an extra "nudge" to get in and start brushing his teeth.  That's when I realized his toothbrush was still in the bathroom off his room and not in the one we take bath in.  So, to avoid the whining, I suggested he go in that bathroom to get his toothbrush.  Simple task...I thought, come back with it and we will go through the rest of the motions we have been doing for the past oh, 9 months or so. Plus bonus, something he was doing by himself.

After a few minutes, I realized that would not be the case.

Nope, he decided to brush his teeth himself in that bathroom, ok, works for me, he even put the correct amount of toothpaste on the brush.  I had to pressure him a bit to let me do a second swipe at them, but we worked it out.  All the while Duke is flushing the potty over and over again, "I did it! I did it".  So after wrangling Duke into the tub, I returned to Jack's bathroom and instructed him to finish up the brushing and come to get in the tub by himself. 

Duke at this point is well into bath, close to being out.  Jack, not appearing.

I investigate.  He's in the chair in his room, reading himself a book.  Ok, nothing bad about that other than bedtime is approaching.  So I suggest he get a move on and put himself in the tub while I put Duke to bed (which takes all of about 10 seconds, so Mother do not freak out, Jack did not rush into the bathroom, tear his clothes off, jump into the tub and drown in that amount of time).  This he actually does, but experienced Mom of tub poopers, I notice he needs a little baby wipe bottom swipe before getting in the tub to avoid any little "floater flakes" while he's in there.  I quickly do it, avoiding to appear as if I'm doing anything for him and disappear for the 10 second Duke bedtime routine.

Upon my return, Jack is in the bathtub, his clothes in the hamper and all is well in my world again.

My brain is still spaghetti, but I'm seeing those pinks, oranges and golden yellows on the horizon and hoping I can enjoy them just a bit longer.
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