Saturday, September 4, 2010

Secretly I've Always Wanted to Be The Mom in Parents Magazine

I've read them every month since Jack was born, of course now I can skip the tips on "Better Breastfeeding" and "Tap Your Baby's Hidden Talents", but I still read on. Vowing with every article, to make that recipe, craft, workout; part of next week's agenda.

Yea, well.

Today though, we made these.

Aren't they crafty, hung just perfectly.  I'm sure there will be finches covering them any minute now.

Of course, it is September, in Alabama, where it can easily hit 90 mid day which is probably hot enough to liquify the peanut butter and make our lovely pinecone bird feeders melt in a goop on the grass below.
However, I can now check this one off my list of "things I better do with my kids before they are too old to want to do them with me so they have all these great memories of growing up with me as their mom."

Or I can just be happy I came up with something to keep them busy for 5 minutes while I filled up the actual birdfeeder without "can I help, can I help" trailing behind me.

Either way, mission accomplished.
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