Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am GREAT at lists.  I love to create them, organize them, yet I somehow manage to put them aside, then pick them up and have no idea what they mean.  And I rarely manage to COMPLETE them, other than ones that are mandatory and involve deadlines that if I don't meet I will possibly be looking for employment.

One of the last lists I created that I was so psyched about was

The List of Thing of Which to Blog About.

I had ideas coming so fast I could barely get them on paper.  I look at that paper now and I have little to no idea what my two word topics even mean.

  • Husband Gone - well duh, it was a week night when I wrote this list.  He's usually gone.   
  • Running - I started running, a year and a half ago, I'm still doing it...
  • Dream Center - I participated in a great small event with my friend Mallory through church.  She blogged on it here so I won't, but read her's, it was really a great experience and I'm so glad she asked me to participate in it.
  • Duke's Pockets - they are small, he likes to put stuff in it.
  • Dressing Oneself - I'm 40 in a few months, I would hope I can still accomplish this.
  • Destin - I went, for work, overnite, without kids, it was GREAT, but I missed them.  And I can't compete with this beautifully written post on the subject by one of my favorite blog writers.  She nailed my feelings exactly, with the exception of spending the rest of the week I returned getting my life back in order because I'm a nut that way about routine.
  • Marry Avery - This I actually remember.  Duke told me one night at bathtub that he wanted to MARRY ME - so sweet, until he followed up with..."No, I just teasing...I want to marry AVERY COCO."  Ok, Fine by me kid, her mom is an ER Pediatrician at Children's Hospital, good pick in my book!  Probably not worth a whole post, but there, it's done.
  • Stay Home Day...stay tuned, I think this one may be worth a post soon.
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