Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Tall Trees

The highlight of the K5 year is the performance of Three Tall Trees, a story of three trees that each have grand aspirations but are claimed by woodcutters and their fortunes are changed forever.  I went to Lifeway today to get the book, but they were sold out, so looks like I'll be ordering online tomorrow.  Perfect Easter gift for kids his age.

Today was the dress rehearsal so we could take pictures and video if we wanted.  Jack has been talking about this play since he saw it last year.  Of course, after today, I understand why since he is very obviously coveting the Roman soldier costumes that his buddies Reeves and Reece are wearing. If you watch, around 3:30 into the video the soldiers are leading Jesus onto the stage as he carries the cross and Jack's eyes never leave them for the full minute as they round the other side of the stage behind him.

Early on he realizes I'm no longer sitting with his Dad and starts searching the audience for me with no luck.  Finally shortly after he loses interest in the Roman soldiers, he mouths to his father "Where's mom?" I laughed when I watched my video and caught it.  And even laughed more when he finally caught my eye near the end and gave me his half smile.

It was truly so sweet.  I pieced together a few of the songs I was able to video before the card ran out of memory.  And a few pics with his buddies Reeves and Reece are below too.  I'm going to order a copy of the professionally done DVD they offer when it's finished.

So proud of these kids!  They've been working on this play for months - and Duke will be ahead of the game, because he pretty much knows all the songs at this point from practice in the car!

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