Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time to Play

As you can see, I'm playing with some layouts, so don't be suprised if our blog seems different to you. Keep checking in. I hope to have a few more videos coming soon. Things have been a little crazy around here with a few of the usual run of daycare illnesses in the past week; pinkeye, hand-foot-mouth (which just sounds gross but is nothing but a virus), ear infection (poor Duke!) and now I think Mommy, Jack and Duke all have a bit of a cold coming on. We are all trying to get it out of the way before our big trip to Wisconsin in 2 weeks for the 4th. Hope to catch many of you while we are there!

On top of that, Cory and I have started a new routine (thanks to Cory my high energy morning person husband) of getting up at 5am and getting in a little exercise...(keep it clean people!) On the days he's in town, which are more than the usual these days with the price of gas, he runs or I walk every other day (one of us has to stay behind of course) and on opposite days we find other stretching, lifting, etc. exercises to do at home. So far so good...of course, he's been doing this for 2 weeks and I just started today, so not so tough so far! Let's see where we fall out in a month. (Really I think it's just his way to use his new iPod Nano the boys gave him for Father's Day!)

Seriously, things are going well here. Thanks for all the emails and I hope to get a moment to write back to many of you soon. I also have some catching up to do on baby book additions. Cory and I often wonder what we did with our time before we had kids...looking back, it wasn't very productive - well, maybe for the office!
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