Monday, June 30, 2008

Wisconsin Here We Come!

Well, by this time on Wednesday we will be all settled in and visiting with MiMi & YaYa, The Mork's and The Gasser's and WE CAN'T WAIT! How fun will it be with a 4 1/2 year old sweet girl, and four boys under 22 mos running around for the 4th! For those of you in Wisconsin that might have checked in and seen this post - we are arriving on Wednesday and hope to catch as many of you as we can before we head on back to Alabama on Sunday. We are really looking forward to our first Racine 4th of July parade in years and the first for the boys - we know Jack will have a blast. We are staying at Josh & Clare's new place, so give us a ring or send an email (I'll have my blackberry) if you'll be around!

Dad - this one's for you!

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