Friday, July 18, 2008

Starbuck's - I Can Empathize, But HEY!

Ok, so I've had two kids in 2 years and yes, I like my Starbuck's! It's a little trendy oasis that I don't have to create. Give me that at least! I know their coffee is overpriced, I know Dunkin Donuts tastes better (sadly there is no location anyhwere near me to test this for myself...), but still I enjoy my weekly (as long as Cory is in town and can be home after the kids are in bed) jaunts with my neighbor Crystal to the local Starbucks to have a simple cup of coffee or latte and chat for a few hours without having to worry if one of the boys is going to wake up crying or need another drink of water.

So, that being said, I have no less than 5 Starbuck's locations between my house and my office. Three stand alone stores, one in the Super Target and one in the Barnes and Noble. And sadly, the one closest to my office, which just opened a year ago, is on the list of 600 stores to be closed!

Now, I would be much more upset if the store that Crystal and I chill at on the occaisional Monday night was on the list, but still, what a bummer. No shot at getting away from the office for a break, no last minute hot Starbuck's Skinny Vanilla, or Carmel, or Cinnamon Dolce Latte (or non-skinny Toffee Nut Latte) to sip as I check my email first thing in the morning in my office. Nope, now I must plan ahead, drop the kids and head a block the opposite way on bumper to bumper Hwy 280 and add 2 stoplights to my commute in order to enjoy this occaisional indulgence on the days I just must have something to make it through the morning!

So, of course I have sent in my note to Starbuck's corporate...which will probably not sway their fiscally responsible policy to close stores which are not profitable...even though this one in my opinion hasn't had a chance to get it's place in the neighborhood yet, but at least I have given my opinion and feel I have done my job in making an attempt to keep my life more convenient. So, maybe in the long run, Starbuck's is actually helping me keep my girlish figure by closing a store so convenient...either way, I am certain I will continue to have my indulgence, just maybe a little less frequently.

And Clare and Natalie, don't worry, I already searched the list and Racine and Brunswick (or anywhere nearby) are safe for now!
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