Sunday, August 3, 2008

The First of Many

Well, some of you have been updated by phone, but for those wondering how Jack's doing, here we go...

This morning Daddy got him out of bed and after a diaper change put him on the floor of his room, where he promptly took two limps toward me and stopped. So, after breakfast Jack and I loaded back up in the car and headed into Children's Hospital After Hours Clinic. I didn't realize the clinic didn't open until 10am (we arrived at 8:30 - it's not an emergency clinic) so we took a detour to Target where Mommy thought ahead to buy a few new books and the Little People Garage (for an afternoon distraction). Most of you know me not to have a bunch of toys since the boys are in daycare all week and the weekends are reserved for outside play - but I had a sneaking suspicion we might need something new to keep someone's attention on this very afternoon.
Unfortunately, I was right. After a short wait, and time for me to observe him and convince myself it wasn't just my imagination that he was limping and grabbing hold of furniture to keep himself steady, we got in to see the doctor and had x-rays and she found a slight fracture of the tibula. Now, what does that mean? I have no idea. She explained that it's quite common, called "toddler fractures" (although I don't see many 2 year olds around with their legs splinted or in a cast) and that we needed to follow up with a pediatric orthopedist this week.
So, they splinted his leg in a temporary splint...basically some kind of felt material which surrounds a gel which hardened after she wetted it, then she molded it to his lower leg and foot and wrapped it with an ace bandage. Here's the little lame boy so you can picture the splint...

For now, he's doing pretty well. No pain meds, not just because he doesn't seem to need them, but I also don't want him to get overly confident and start trying to walk on the thing and break his arm. He's crawling and scooting and played wonderfully all afternoon with his Little People Garage, and even with his little brother. Tomorrow first thing I will be on the phone with our pediatrician to get a referral for an ortho, and Bill Douglas also recommended one to me so we'll see if he's on the list. In the meantime, say a little prayer that whatever this is turns out to be very minor (which I'd imagine it is in the scheme of things or the doc would have sent me down to Children's Main Campus for casting) and that the little bugger heals quickly.

My sister Ali said she was just wondering to herself last week about which of our four boys (Jack, Quinn, Nolan or Duke) would be the first to have some childhood catastrophe happen. Needless to say, I guess we won this round...and I am sure it is just one of many we will face with our two!

So, keep tuned in for the latest and greatest after we see the next doctor!

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