Sunday, February 8, 2009

Days in the Life of Duke

I'm on a video run.

Duke is the funniest kid. I can't really describe to anyone how different he and Jack are, but they are, like night and day in certain ways.

Jack takes the entire trip to school to eat his cereal (dry of course, we are in the car after all!), taking each piece one by one. Duke makes it about a mile before his handful method has put 1/2 of it in his mouth and 1/2 of it on the floor of my car.

Jack will (and always has) sit still and read a book with anyone. I remember him bringing us books to read to him at even 14 and 15 months old. Duke lasts about 20 seconds into it and then he's pulling at the pages, squirming to get down.

Jack is a snuggler. When he was a baby we would rock for 20 minutes before bed, (and sometimes in the middle of the night if he woke up crying, until Duke came around!) And even to this day, every morning when he wakes up, every night when he goes to bed and before and after naps on the weekends, it's "snuggle with Mommy?" - and off we go in the chair for a few minutes of lovey time. I know, melts me! Duke, not so much into the snuggling thing (which completely bums me out!) After about 3 minutes in the chair he's squirming to get put into bed or down on the floor to play. (He does however do the cutest thing when you ask him for some "lovin'", he just lays his head to the side on my shoulder! - again, melts me!)

However, not to be outshadowed by his big brothers cuteness, Duke is our dancer. Put music on and he's moving to the beat. Bouncing up and down, shaking his fists like he's doing the Wiggles "shimmy shake".

So, enough said, I'm posting a video here of his Elvis impersonation - I laugh every time I see it. Done to the Wiggles of course, Dr. Knickerbocker - one of Jack's favorites and a nightly staple while dinner is being prepared. Following it is a quick clip of how Duke has decided is the only way to go down the slide. His father was outside with him the first time he decided to take the plunge, at least I think Duke came up with this method (vs. his father showing him how), guess I will never know.

Jack may be my snuggle bunny, but Duke makes my heart smile just by being in the room!

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