Monday, February 16, 2009

Heard Around the House

Once upon a time it was "Mommy help?"

Shortly thereafter, it became "Mommy do it?" (which was short lived because Mommy usually had more kid than hands around the house to "do it", whatever "it" was)

So eventually it turned to "Jack do it?" the result of which sometimes reverted back to "Mommy help?" or a very proud "I did it!"

These are the excited rantings of a 2 1/2 year old who has discovered that it is way more fun to try to do just about everything these days. Completely normal development stage. And although I do not toot my horn very often, I must say, I am slightly amazed at the level of patience even I've shown in allowing Jack to "do it".

So, some of the "I did it tasks"....

  • taking off our pants and socks completely before bath

  • zipping up our jacket (Mommy starts, Jack finishes)

  • taking off our jacket

  • spooning vegetables onto plates for dinner

  • pumping soap out of the dispenser to wash hands

  • opening the cereal boxes in the morning to help pour into bowls for the ride to school

And it's this last one that leads me to share this pic of the weekend. It is what happens when taking the cereal boxes out of the pantry, opening and handing them to Mommy to pour, moves to "Jack do it" (when Mommy is in with Duke changing a diaper). Thank goodness the box of Golden Grahams was only 1/8th full or we'd still be crunching crumbs!

Amazing how that patience thing grows as they do.

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