Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Silence!

I am jinxing myself...I just know it!

As mentioned, I stepped up the discipline (and no - I am not "popping his bottom" every chance I get)...but have been conscious to be even more consistent and patient (and strangely calm in te past week) in my dealings with Jack's uprisings. Could it be the recent breaks I've gotten traveling to California and Missouri, my birthday? Could it be watching Crystal give him a 7 minute timeout on Sunday when he was acting up while the Schober's were over and it working and me realizing he actually can follow instruction better than I give him credit for? Whatever it is, I've been rewarded...

Barely a peep at bedtime with our new routine.

Clare - you almost called it. I didn't give him a "pass" to call me back, but I did institute a 5-10 minute reading time in his bed after lights out, and I come back to rub his back for a couple minutes and then I'm gone, completely, not going back. And it's working. 20 minutes of crying last night...2 min. tonite tops!

I can hardly believe it.
Sleep training miracle? Leaving the terrible two's behind? Finally wore the little bugger down?

We'll see how tomorrow goes...

Oh, did I mention Duke now responds, Yes Ma'am, when I ask, "Do you understand?"
2nd shot at this might last a bit shorter. (I know, now I AM jinxing myself!)
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