Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That Little Thing Called Life

Life, that's what's been happening people.  I know you've been checking in daily to find out what the latest excitement has been in our little corner of the world only to be sorely dissapointed to find out that for another day you will have to live in the suspense of not knowing.  Well, now you know, it was life that was happening.

That's right, and for once I just put the computer down and lived it.  (Well, maybe not down, maybe just didn't type into my browser when it was in my lap.)

Ah but all that has changed, and here I am.  And to fill you in, here are just a few highlights of the past 45 days (for your enjoyment and my attempt to update this, my electronic diary of the life of the Rath's).

I ran in a 5K and finished (and not on my hands and knees, although I will have the foresight next time to actually take the inhaler an hour before exercise like my doctor suggested so I can avoid the final 1/3 mile of wheezing from the exhaust of the idling police vehicles designed to help aid the runners in their quest to finish).  And I'm happy to report that although due to the rest of the events that follow, I had taken a slight reduction in my training schedule, I have in fact ramped it up again and am working toward consistenly hitting the track for 15 miles per week minimum.

My Dad visited for a long weekend and we planted all my landscape for this's looking mighty lovely now and although we didn't really plan it out to be, we picked the perfect weekend for him to come as it was the Birmingham Botanical Gardens Annual Plant Sale so we got some great specimens at amazing prices. I'm so looking forward to marking that weekend as his annual trip - although since the size of the wine glasses I have vs. the ones Dad is accustomed to are significantly larger I will be sure to be the one pouring the wine when we have the neighbors over for dinner and a visit during next year's trip.

We said goodbye to our very best friend in the whole world - Payton - and her Mommy Leslie, who have moved on to bigger and better things in Gaithersburg, MD.  Payton and Jack spent every weekday together at Odyssey Early School since they were just a few months old.  Leslie and I have become close friends in that time through many a parenting moment.  We miss them terribly, but know we will visit them one day without a doubt.  And we are so excited for them to also be bringing a new sister for Payton into the world this fall - maybe a little unexpected excitement given all the other craziness in their lives, but a blessed one nonetheless and one that's been much wanted for a long time.


I was able to attend 3 different meetings with the Children's Hospital Auxiliary Board and continue to stay involved in helping to formulate plans for the future of the hospital volunteer arm as they embark on the upcoming multi million dollar expansion.

Mother's Day - I got sheets.

We finished up our small group semester at church, having taken the Growing Kids God's Way parenting course and boy, did that transition our household.  Both Cory and I felt for the first time we both had a plan of action in raising our kids that not only made sense, but that we believed in and that WORKED!  We've both adopted a much calmer demeanor in handling trying moments and have honestly, lightened up in how we were managing our day to day lives.  Not sure that makes sense, but maybe I can translate that to we've taken the pressure off - of ourselves and thus off our kids.  I think we both are such perfectionists in many ways and expect so much of ourselves (and by default of others) that we had to step back and really take a look at the road we could have headed down with our kids.  Everything in context, but with the understanding there is one main rule right now in this household - Listen to Mommy & Daddy.  And when it works.  WOW.  Our kids are happier, we are happier, there is less yelling, more listening, and even GASP - obeying without being asked!  I know, shock, I'm still kind of in it.

We went on our first family vacation and not to visit family! (No offense to any of you of course, WE  LOVE TO VISIT YOU)  We spent 4 days and 4 nights in beautiful Destin, Florida at the Sandestin Hilton Resort where we laid on the beach, swam at the pool, ate out a few times and basically did nothing for the entire trip but enjoy the kids having their first experience at "the ocean!"  Absolutely the most enjoyable trip we have ever embarked on with the kids.  I actually looked over at Cory sometime during Day 2 and asked him who the kids were that were with us, because they weren't the same ones we had at home (see above paragraph, I was still in denial at the time that we actually had turned the corner in our household in the land of behavior) .  I absolutely cannot wait to go again, but alas, we may be waiting a while it seems by the looks of the oil spill and how it will affect our sugar sand shores of Alabama and Florida (no further discussion to be had here).

During all of this, I also organized our Teacher Appreciation Week at the boy's daycare.  With 50 teachers to honor and about 175 families to coordinate, I had my work cut out for me.  It was a lot of work, but I had a great group of parents that stepped up to help and it was worth every bit of extra time and effort to see the reaction of the teachers to their well deserved week of special events.  Lots of parents thought I was crazy to undertake such a mission, but that's my spiritual gift - organizing and pulling it all together - and I can't think of a better group of women (and man) to reap the benefit.

My Birthday - as of this posting I have 355 days left.

Finally, we held our 3rd Annual Memorial Day Bash at self named Sterling Creek Ranch.  Again this year, storms were part of the party, but we had about 50 people make it out and enjoy a full day of sun, storms, water, food and fun times.  Nothing makes us happier than being able to share this place we call home with friends.

So, that was what was happening this last 45 days, just life, and so glad to have lived it.
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