Monday, January 10, 2011

Dry As a Bone!

These are the first words out of Duke's mouth each morning since he started staying dry at night about 2 months ago.  I am blessed.  I am also trying to allay the concerns of a 4 year old brother who is not and will not be for a while I suspect and who notices this. 

However, things have turned a bit.  Not necessarily in my favor.  Jack is still having some daytime "leaks" as I call them and that's not so cool.  Not terribly concerned but enough to bring it up in the next visit if we are still dealing with it.

Anyway, since Duke is not used to doing anything before Jack, he now notices these things happening on the days we stay home.  The result, he now thinks he needs to change his underwear each time he goes tee tee even though he's "dry as a bone!" as he calls it and thus my laundry pile grows with each trip to the bathroom.

Why couldn't it work just work the other way?
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