Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Highlands Kids Here We Come!

Saturday while Cory was spending the late afternoon in one of the deer blinds waiting to see what might visit his newly planted apple orchard and I was cooking up one of our last family meals before the holidays ended and our daily work/daycare schedule started up again, the boys were getting their "sillies" out.  We managed nearly an entire day home without turning the TV on so far and I was stretching it out to see how long they'd go before I needed the break of 30 minutes of Curious George or The Gruffalo.

What happened next was something that made my heart leap for joy.  At least leap for hope of joy.

As a family we've been members at Church of the Highlands for going on 9 or 10 years now I think.  Those of you close to us know it was the vehicle that probably the biggest influence in changing our lives.  (And that's BIG).  From Dinks to 40 with preschoolers faster than Earnhart and Gordon race around the oval at Talladega.  And although I grew up Catholic, for me it was this place and the people we have connected through it that brought me to a relationship with God.  It's not just the awesome messages given by Pastor Chris, but the place it has taken in our everyday lives.  (Of course any of my co-workers will tell you I still have a ways to go, but improvement is better than nothing!)

While we attend Sunday services, the kids get to participate in their own activities in the Nursery-Duke's in The Fire Station and it's the PreSchool "Clubhouse" for Jack.  I used to be on the Dream Team and work video back in the early days of the church but since the move to the Grants Mill campus and having the kids, it's not been feasible for me to get back yet to helping on Sundays.  I've often wondered what really goes on for the kids, other than just playing and puzzles and the L'il K and Veggie Tales videos.

Well, apparently they sing too - at least in the Clubhouse, where there is a stage and chalkboard, and the kids sit in the "audience".  I should have picked up on it, but it took some music to make it click for me.

As I'm cooking away in the kitchen, suddenly I hear Jack telling Duke to "get in the audience" as he climbs up on the fireplace his "stage".  Then out of the mouths of babes I hear, well, you can hear it yourself...

For those of you that are wondering, it's Hillsong Kid's "One Way (Jesus)" and I knew I recognized it when Jack first started singing it but as soon as I figured it out, I was grabbing for my iTouch and iTunes and downloading it for the car. 

And the feeling I had as I listened to them ask me to play it for the 10th time was...finally, I'm doing something RIGHT!   They are ready for Worship time at Highlands!

note to viewers: The "dots" in Duke's pants are two flashlights they got for Christmas.  I apologize for the graininess from the poor lighting.  But Duke's moves near the middle are entirely worth watching the full 1:36, that kid has some flexible joints!!
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