Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Play Ball!

The south is notorious for starting kids EARLY in organized sports. Cory and I are not so quick to jump on that bandwagon. Having played all his growing up years and pitching college baseball and being very good at it as well (damn you achilles tendons! I could be a trophy MLB wife right now!), you would think he would be more apt to push his own kids toward the sport, but truly, he's the opposite. He couldn't care less if they play or not, and for that I love him more.

He did however buy them a tee, some balls and a couple of bats and gloves recently to have something to occupy their time outside. Here is a little peak of Sunday afternoon on the ranch.

It's coming Grandma...and it does seem we have at least one possible lefty or switch hitter. (I think Daddy is a itty bitty bit ok with that)

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