Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grandma Camp

My kids being the youngest on the Rath side and quite a few years off from Cullen, the last one born prior to them, are a bit "younger" in the mix of grandchildren, spanning from nearly 20 to 9. On my side, we have Caroline at 7 and then 4 boys 5 and under in the span of 14 months (mine being the bookends) and our (maybe) last little one of Alicia's is Jonah at 18months. We are just getting reved up there...

So it was a special treat for my two to spend four days at Grandma's house without Mom and Dad (we jetted off for a quick business trip to Vegas and flew out of Nashville to take the opportunity presented). We traveled down over the weekend and spent a few days all together, then flew out and left Grandma to fend for herself for four days. And other than a slight hiccup for her on the night we were to return just before bedtime when Jack thought I was calling and it wasn't me and he decided he had to talk to Mommy...which Mommy could not be reached being in the air on our way back and not to land until 11:30pm that night with an hour and a half drive back, imagine that juggling show for Grandma, phew!...they had an awesome time and are still talking about all they got to do. There was caramel corn, Reds baseball, swimming, kayaking, the library, soda fountain for milkshakes and even VBS to boot. I didn't get many pictures, but I did manage to record this video after we returned of the Memory Verse that they learned at VBS.

Grandma - this one is for you! Thank you for giving Cory and I that bit of time (even if it was for work) but mostly for spending time with Jack and Duke! We've been playing the Ten Commandments CD in the car every morning, Jack's favorite seems to be "Don't Bow Down to Idols". I asked today if they knew what the "Honor Your Mom and Dad" commandment meant. The response from Duke, "I don't know"...I have my work cut out for me but this tidbit makes me believe I'm headed in the right direction.

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