Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where I Come From

Well, last night on facebook during the Republican National Convention things got quite busy with passionate people posting their positions and feelings about the upcoming election.  And against my normal "reserved for small audiences" only typical involvement, I was part of it.

And so, after being up at 4:45am and getting home at 6:30pm, I should have known better and kept quiet, because at 11pm I was still awake turning over and over in my head the evening's back and forth and thinking very hard about what I believe is right for this county and why I believe it and how I could have better explained my heart.  Well, here goes.

The same way many felt as if they had finally been heard when the country was told "Hope and Change" would heal us, I feel it when I hear "Believe in America".  I do and always have. 

I believe that the backbone of this country are the people that get up everyday and work hard no matter what the day brings.  I believe that it's not how long you work at your job that should determine your pay and the ability to keep it, but your work ethic and results. 

I believe it is our personal responsiblity to help the community we live in, whether it be through support of our church, volunteering personally or monetarily, but helping in whatever way we can. 

I believe that those who feel they are "entitled" to receive something, need to earn it first.

I believe that if you speak eloquently it means you had a good speech teacher in high school or college who taught you how to put thoughts together and explain them well but that doesn't mean you can actually perform them.  That is proven by results.

I trust more in a person's future ability to succeed in something when that something is not only their passion but what they have proven by past performance. 

Insert here everything that Condoleeza Rice said in her speech last night.

I believe this country has fallen off track morally. 

I believe that change happens through relationship, not ritual and that everything I really need in order to lead my life honorably is found in a book that is 1,949 pages long - at least my copy.  It provides me strength, solace, direction and purpose.  I study it first thing every morning and have read it in full once already and likely will again several times in my lifetime.

I believe in integrity not the idea of it.  I have fallen from it in the past, I am not perfect.  But I have freely and openly admitted it to those affected and have used it to help others heal from my experience.

I believe our grandparents understood what it meant to live by principle and act upon it and that we should follow their example instead of complaining about our circumstances.

I want my children to grow up to understand that winning a game means you have to put forth your best effort to score, not just participate.

I belive it is a parent's responsibility to raise their children in a manner that glorifies God and gives back to this earth.  I do not place blame on anyone other than myself and my husband if they do not meet that expectation as adults.

I believe there should be consequences for actions.  Which means if we spend too much money one month, we must cut back the next.  If I hurt someone, I need to apologize and make it right. That will mean sacrifice.  And I believe the principle should be extended beyond my household and that I will have to participate in it in order for the greater good to succeed.

I believe part of my duty as an American is to help others. But that does not mean I should have to carry their burden if they do nothing to help themselves.

I believe that people in authority should be respected regardless if I personally agree with their position.  I may question it and disagree with it, but I will respect the position they hold and express my opinion and exert my rights when the time is appropriate.

I believe in action, not words.  Once you say you will do something, do it and if you find you cannot, it's ok, you aren't perfect because only one person that ever walked on this earth was and it wasn't you.  But that's not where you should leave it.  Admit your failure or short coming, ask for help and be prepared to accept and answer that isn't yours.

I believe we are entitled only to one thing in life, our opinion, the rest is either a gift or a choice. 

I believe you should own your words, not just speak them.

These are mine.

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