Friday, April 25, 2008


Today, sadly, I attended another funeral service. This time, again, though I did not know the deceased, his daughter has become like family to me and Jack. Mid week, Jack's teacher, Michelle, learned of the sudden passing of her father. I know it has been an especially difficult situation, and there are many emotions she is having to face.

In all of this however, what I am most impressed with is Michelle's ability to be strong, for herself, for her daughter Lexi who is just in 1st grade, for her grandmother who lost a son at just 47 years old.

There is something about Michelle that has always struck me as special. From first meeting her last September when she was a new teacher at Odyssey and Jack was one of her first "kids", I can say it is a rare thing to be around someone that truly shows compassion and care for children as she does. And as much love and sweetness as she showers the kids in her care all day long, I have absolutely no doubt she doubles that for her own children at the end of what can only be a very long day among 1 & 2 year olds. Lexi and Cain are two of the most polite, well mannered, sweet children I have had the pleasure to meet.

So, my heart and prayers this week go out to Michelle, Lexi and Cain, and also for the man in her life - Jonathan, who seems to also have found how special she is. Jack has been blessed to be in Michelle's care since last September, the longest relationship he's had with anyone on a daily basis other than me and Cory. With us living away from home and family, it's people like Michelle that make us feel like Birmingham is truly our home and that we do have our own "family" here!
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