Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update - Mouse Caught...or rather MICE!

Yep, got the sucker, and two of his friends in the garage. Haven't seen anymore since Friday, so looks like we are in the clear for a bit. Things have been crazy here...my trip to Pittsburgh last Thursday was a welcome break, but I loved coming home to my FAMILY! (I will admit though it was nice to have a whole day of just adult conversation, and the ability to get back in front of a meeting was pretty powerful too!)

Other than that, trying to make it through the end of the month business and bills and plan for a quick quick quick getaway for Cory and I to Huntington Beach, CA for a wedding. We leave Sunday and return Tuesday, sans children (thank you Grandma and Grandpa!) and will relish every second of it, even if the majority of it will be spent in airplanes and airports!

Will update more next week when I catch another breath!

p.s. Panera Bread sent me a $6.00 gift coupon, so hey, it will buy me a bagel and a coffee!
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