Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Just popping in to say I will be back later this week with pictures and to report on all that's happening in our busy life...

  • Jack had a fabulous 2nd birthday! His cast is off and he is back to his usual fearless lifestyle. Elmo rules the roost, although Cookie Monster and Oscar are battling it out for a close second. Thanks for all the cards and gifts, thank yous are in the works, but may be a bit to get in the actual mail!
  • Both boys had their latest well checks and both are in the 50/50 ranges. Duke came in at 9 mos just 1/2" longer and 2 1/2 lbs heavier than his brother at the same age. Now that
  • Jack's cast is off, life is GOOD again. He actually broke a bone in the top of his foot...toddler fractures is what they are called. Either way, the boy got the bath of his lifetime that night and is happily practicing his "swimming" moves from our lessons this summer in the tub "kick kick kick" and blowing lots of bubbles.
  • The pond is DONE! Well, mostly...let's just say the last of the dirt has been moved out and all that needs to finish it off is the grading and grass seed on the dam, but I'll take this over having Daddy working on it every waking moment when he does happen to be home. (Unfortunately, it got done yesterday, the day before he left for a week long trip...) But he gave me a break Monday night and I snuck out after getting the kids home for dinner with friends, so I will cut him a very little bit of slack! :)

So on that note, stay tuned. Didn't want to go slacking but need to spend a little time tonite zoning out rather than working on a computer (which is what most of my life at work these days is dedicated to!)

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