Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It Gets Easier After the First Year....Hmmm Not So Sure

Ok, so there are times it's easier. I'm not a walking zombie who's up 3 times a night to nurse a newborn and still needing to function for a 15 mo old too. I only have to make one meal for all of us, no special foods, no bottles to make, no pumping. I'm close (not quite there yet, but close) to being to the point of both kids being able to walk while holding their hands into stores, daycare, etc. instead of toting 25lbs on one hip while having a death grip on the other and leaning down to guide him where I want him to go (and usually NOT where he wants to go).

However, tonite was one of those exceptions. I really am not one to complain when Cory's out of town and I play single Mom. It's not the ideal lifestyle, but I've still got it better than lots of women raising kids and often, it can be easier when it's the three of us. Don't ask me why, but we have a rhythm after so much time on our own and so, it just can be. I guess there is no power struggle as to who has to do what, because I'm pretty much it. (Although Jack can set the table on his own now - placemats, silverware, cups and he can feed the dogs all by himself - "I did it!" - dadgum adorable!)

But back to tonite, not one of those times it's easier when Daddy's not home.

It all started with Jack, as it often does. We aren't full on potty training, but when the kid asks to go, I'm certainly not going to tell him no. So, he decides he wants to sit on the potty, and since he asked to and did sit on the potty at school today as well, I was all for it. Plus, he actually seemed to the point of needing to go #2, so hey, let's see what happens! Only problem, containing Duke during all this is not the most simple task now that he is fully mobile on two feet and speeding up everyday.

So, a visual image for you:

Jack's on the potty and Duke is climbing all over the bathroom while Jack is screeching "Noooo Duke, No No Duke!" And I'm trying to encourage Jack to relax and calm down and "tee-tee" in the potty in between requests for stickers and suckers (don't ask, I set myself up and will pay for the one bribe/reward used when he actually did tee-tee the one time, weeks ago) in addition to blocking Duke from climbing on top of the step stool and practicing the "balancing" act on the first step (above our not so keenly thought out concrete floors, very practical, not so cushy for falls).

Mommy brilliance, we are in the bathroom, it's 15 minutes early, but let's start Duke's bath! Containment! Perfect....for about 5 minutes. Then disaster.

The kid on the potty, not pooping, the kid in the tub...pooping.

Stop laughing, really it was not that funny, at least not for me. Well, not really, well, kind of.

Let's just say, Jack got his sucker and stickers for doing nothing other than getting off the potty, keeping quiet and staying out of Mommy's way while she got Duke out of the tub, scooped out the poop, bleached the tub and all the toys, rebathed Duke and put him to bed. Only to start the bedtime routine all over again with Jack.

Yep, some days it really is easier when Daddy is home.
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