Monday, January 5, 2009

Yes, We are Alive!

I know, I took far too long of a break from this blog, but even us Type A personalities need to decompress once in a while. I had no intention of it lasting nearly a month, I promise. And I have many a picture to upload and post, but with the up and down internet around this place lately I must save that for later.

Simply put, we are really just getting back into the swing after the holidays. We had a wonderful extended break, having left for Wisconsin to visit my family on the 19th and not returning to work until today - yep, that's 3 weeks of time away from work and the usual pace of life. And we all needed it. Even a special last week for me - the kid's daycare was open on short hours last week on Mon-Wed as well as Friday, so I took advantage of the freedom and was able to run errands I've been holding off on without having to haul kids in and out of the car, finish up some home projects (or really start some that have been put off for too long!) and Cory and I were able to spend some time around the house during the day ALONE!

There is plenty to report on, which I will shortly, including
  • The new deco in the bedroom
  • Rearrangement of the living room furniture (not like there's a lot that can be done, but...)
  • Pic's from the Christmas holiday
  • Sterling Creek Lake - it's full and beautiful (though a bit muddy yet, will take a few months to settle)
  • Jack's latest terrible two's antics, including but not limited to flinging his placemat (with full plate of food and cup of milk included) onto the floor TWICE! and my ingenious reaction to make him clean it up himself (no major tantrums since, could I have succeeded in this discipline tool?????)
  • Duke's language explosion, not verbal yet but he's picking up on lots of sign language and making some verbal attempts
  • My personal goals including my latest attempt at the One Year Bible, losing 20lbs (my new goal weight ends in a 3 and the numbers that precede it are lower digits - and I will NOT weigh 213lbs EVER!)
  • The new message series at Church of the Highlands - EXCELLENT kick off to the new year - "From Here to There"

So, now that I have you on the edge of your seat...stayed tuned for more, coming soon!
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