Monday, May 25, 2009


We hosted our 2nd Memorial Day Party in the Countryside on Sunday this weekend. And although the weather had been forecasted to be miserable...and in many places in Birmingham, it was...we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

Last year was going to be tough to beat, with fantastic sun and skies. We were certainly hoping for that to duplicate this year, with having the lake as an added attraction that we prepared with extra kayaks and a water trampoline. All week we watched as a tropical depression hung over Florida and the gulf coast and prayed it might miraculously disappear. And although the morning was miserable with rain and we moved the tables into the garage/barn just in case, at noon the skies parted and by 2pm it was sunny, hot and beautiful, perfect weather for fun in the lake and with friends. And apparently our place was in the minority, since just a few miles up the road it poured cats and dogs all day! I guess we had angels looking over us after all!

Thanks to all of you that stuck it out and took the chance - we were so glad to have you out to our place and enjoyed every minute of you being here! You all brought wonderful food to share, and it's always great to see how all the kids are growing. From the big kids who are kayaking and catching more frogs and toads than I would have thought possible, to the little ones that are making new creations in the sandbox. It's so great to get out of the normal routine of life and take a day to spend with all our friends, old and new, as well as their extended family and friends. And a big thanks to Aunt Kay, Crystal, and all of you that played "Hey, keep eyes on my kid(s) a minute!" for me while I ran inside to grab this that or the other needed item. And Angela for helping me do a little clean up at the last call of the night.

Here are some photos, again, I wish I'd have snapped more, guess there's always next year!

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