Saturday, May 2, 2009

YaYa's Visit

After listening for the past 4 months of all the extras my Dad has been able to do to help my sisters in their daily lives since semi-retiring, I decided it was my turn and flew him down to Birmingham for 5 days to experience this phenomenon. I may claim swine flu status and move his flight home back about 2 weeks!

Since his arrival on Wednesday night, he's helped me complete this year's round of landscaping, stained two end tables that I've wanted done for at least 5 years, got a few holes drilled in my redwing crocks and spent an entire day at the zoo with me and the boys (drenching rain at the start and all!). It has been an absolutely fantastic time having him here...and he even gets to have his own "man cave" at night in our office which doubles as our guest suite. I don't think it could have resulted in any more perfect a trip (other than of course his staying over for about two weeks!)

Here are some photos of the weekend so far. Tomorrow we have church, followed by a little more landscaping and probably capped off by another cookout with the neighbors and some time in the lake, this time in the form of a leisurely dip rather than a sudden drenching (Dad got a bit too close to the edge of the dock while helping Cory put the new water trampoline in on Friday!).

It's not going to be easy putting him back on a plane on Monday. Hmmmm, Clare and Ali, maybe you need to start bribing me now. I've got LOTS of frequent flyer miles still saved up!

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