Friday, April 24, 2009

Small Moments in a LONG Week

I may have finally worn him down. Jack that is, and the bedtime struggle. The last three nights it's been between 1-2 hours of crying, screaming, throwing, you name it. The poor kid is hoarse from all of it, his little voice is all crackly. But tonite, 20 minutes into it and he's settled down with only an occaisional peep. Probably predicated on his being outside from the minute we got home until bath, but either way, works for me.

So, Daddy gets home later (much later, probably midnight according to his call at 6pm) and I have just a bit of time to wrap up the week. And what better way to do it then share a pic of the other kid. You know, the one that sleeps all night, seems happy, most of the time at least, and is genuinely still in the pre-terrible 2's. He has his moments mind you, man can he get MAD!, but overall, sweet kid, just happy to be here.

I put him in the tub tonite, and prayed for no pooping, I felt I was in the clear, but then again, who wouldn't have thought that after the third time on Wednesday. The affected toys, etc. were still in a bucket on the floor, which I didn't particularly think about when I put him in the tub and when I came back in after having gone into the other room for some reason, I found this

But thankfully, this was among the items I had bleached and rinsed after the mess and no, it had not been used since. Little stinker had reached out and grabbed it up. But priceless for the photo op.

Jack's teeth are seemingly fine, nothing loose, nothing swollen and nothing turning weird colors. So maybe all will be fine when we go for xrays week after next. I've asked him several times if they hurt and he tells me, no...and in this case I think he means it instead of the random NO!

And looks like my weekend is already looking up. Daddy just called (it's 9pm) and said he is actually only 45 minutes away! (Helps that NASCAR is at Talladega this weekend so all the fans are exhibiting their speed on the interstate) And not a peep in 10 minutes...I might just enjoy the silence for a little while.

Thanks all for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers...looks like they worked :)

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