Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The List

It is never ending, but I have managed the following this week:

  • Have the kids back on a schedule of some sort, at least one that does not involve an all out screaming fit of "I don't want to brush my teeth!" prior to bedtime that escalates into an hour and a half wrestling match into a crib.
  • Posted nearly all of the infant/baby items that we no longer need and want to sell on Craig's List - with pics that I took a month ago!
  • Uninstalled (after multiple failed attempts) a corrupt Quicktime application on Cory's laptop, reinstalled iTunes and connected and sync'd his new iPhone.
  • Logged into facebook and actually connected with some friends instead of just checking the live feed off my phone app.
  • Avoided my own meltdown at the office due to having 4 colleagues out on vacation this week and wanting to strangle a few that were left behind.
  • Shipped two book requests from paperbackswap.com and am considering just what 4 I want to request free for my credits.
  • Restored my home to near normal cleanliness after visitors departed this weekend (we miss you already!)
  • Donated our 3 bags of gently worn clothes to Hannah Home (after the 6 months they have been residing in our garage).
  • Bought $116 worth of this week's groceries for only $70 - I LOVE PUBLIX!
  • Saw an allergist and actually will stop ignoring and start treatment for the annoying nasal allergies I have been suffering from for the past 10 years.
  • Setup a sitter for two adult only nights out in August.
  • Played a game of indoor baseball "Mommy, it's YOUR turn!" with the boys (all 3 of them).
  • Sharpened both ends of all their crayons to make it a no brainer choosing which end will color best (all while keeping Duke from chewing on every one he could get his hands on).
  • Posted to this blog.
  • Found a shrieking 19mo old's paci in the near pitch dark of his room after staring at computer screens for the past 3 hours and silenced him seconds later (I know, I know...it's just as much my habit as his!)

Not bad, considering it's only Tuesday.

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