Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Daddy the Builder!

Check out Chez Jack & Duke!

This is the playset that Cory built for the boys. Yes, I know, it seems a little advanced for them, as Jack's not even 2 and Duke's only 6 months, but Jack already plays great on it and loves to slide. We used rubber mulch for the base which was brilliant, no fear of bugs or fire ants or any scrapes like regular mulch or small projectile pebbles.

And the fence you wonder? Well, with 40 acres to romp around and a child that just loves to take off into the wild yonder, trust me, it helps me have peace of mind! No chasing necessary when in the "outdoor cage" as my friend Leslie refers to it!

Cory did a great job (even when I doubted would think one day I would learn)! Just came up with the design himself and added the swing part from a Lowe's kit. I was very impressed. Should you have any construction jobs you need help with, just give him a call! After two houses, a pond, this play yard and soon to be a lake, he's an all around pro at this stuff!
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