Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween (Really Glad Ours Ended Friday!)

Ok, I'll be the naysayer, I am not really a fan of Halloween.  Never have been, and at this point in my life, I don't think there's a big chance that will change.  As a kid, I never was that good at coming up with creative costumes and as seemingly outgoing as I am (and as you all think I am - thanks for those great comments on my previous post), the thought of standing in front of someone's door who I don't know and asking them to give me something in return for nothing never was an easy thing for me.  It's the something for nothing that's tough - although I'd do anything for anyone no strings attached, I struggle in accepting the opposite, I know, I too am sure therapy is needed sometime yet in my future.

With kids though, can't really avoid it.  However I am thankful that because of where we live, I can minimize it some instead of it dragging out over the entire weekend when it falls on a Sunday.

Don't get me wrong, for those of you that LOVE Halloween, I don't wish to squash your enjoyment.  I am just glad that we are somewhat removed from the subdivision insanity of trick or treating, candy up to our eyeballs and 16 year olds still trying to capitalize on a kiddie holiday.

But again, with kids, gotta participate and so about a month ago I started the inevitiable inquiries, great big smile on my face and uplifting voice "What do you want to be for Halloween?"  A part of me wanted to hear "A Fireman and Policeman!" or "Pirates!", anything somewhat simple and generic and more creative than just a character on a movie that would just shout "Yes, my kids watch more TV than I'd like to admit..."

The answer and inevitable costumes:

And the irony was not lost on me that Duke wanted to be the "bad guy" while Jack dressed up as "peaceful" Yoda.  Their personalities fit pretty well with their choices. 

And so as the days passed and Halloween grew closer, we did all activities that fall affords, the pumpkin patch, carving our own creations, roasting pumpkin seeds and school parties...all leading up to the big kahuna - Trick or Treating.

Luckily for us country folk with homes are too far apart to allow for door to door cavity collection, our quaint town and county seat again hosted the "Monster Walk" in downtown Columbiana on Friday from 4-6 which meant we went straight from a day of Halloween dress up, activities and parties at school to trick or treating door to door at the businesses downtown.  The weather was gorgeous and plenty of people packed the streets.  Both boys were not shy to go up and ask for their treat, although Duke was a bit freaked out by McGruff the crime dog - he pretty much took a wide sweep out of the way to avoid him, and a couple of boys that were dressed as Mario and Luigi video game characters wtih oversize puffy hands until they took the gloves off so he could see they had real hands and then was calm enough to high five them.  But by 6pm we were able to finish our walk around the square and walk into our favorite local place, Bernie's, and have a nice meal to cap off our scary holiday tradition.

That's right, we were DONE! on October 29th!  Unlike all the other subdivisions that had voted to either trick or treat Saturday or Sunday, I had no children having to dress up yet again and bring home more candy to the house that I'd have to fight with them about not eating (or have Cory hide so I didn't eat it!) and we could have the rest of our weekend to enjoy this incredible weather quietly instead of crazily. 

Or maybe it's just not the same as it was back on William Street with sidewalks and darkness coming early because the time change was still in October.  Where the neighbors around the corner on Ruby Street saved pennies all year and gave us a baggie filled with them which was sweeter than any candy.  We got to finally stay up late and see all the decorations lit in everyone's yards and when we were older, trapse over to Florence Avenue where that neighborhood really put on the show to see who's house was the scariest. 

Maybe that's why Halloween isn't my favorite anymore, it's not the same as when you were a kid.  Hope our little monster walk and traditional Bernie's supper is enough for my two little guys to look back on and enjoy someday - at least it will be for me.

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