Thursday, October 7, 2010

Potty Training Without the Training

Can you really call it potty training if there is no training involved?

Been a big week at the Rath house.  Duke went from pull ups to underpants, so in about 5 minutes flat I saved $40 a month on my daycare costs and $50 a month in pull up costs.  I feel like I just got a raise for job performance.

About a month ago we tried one Saturday morning to see how it'd go and after peeing on the floor several times I figured we were in for a long haul again.  Jack was a nightmare - but the more I think about that experience the more I believe he was pushed too early because of room changes at daycare and had we given him the 8 months we'd spent training, he probably would have mastered it like Duke has.  Really Huggies "Enjoy the Ride" as the marketing campaign - well, I didn't.

But after last week when Duke woke up 4 out of 7 nights completely dry...hmmm, Jack still doesn't, but somethings going on.  So Saturday afternoon we put 'em on and nary an accident since.  (note I am not yet bold enough for nighttime, but since Jack is still not dry at night, I'm going to let that one go for now)

Wow.  That kid is good.  And this mom is $90 bucks happier.
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