Wednesday, May 30, 2012

On the Way Through Decade IV

Yep, I officially stepped past 40 with my first year in my pocket. My sweet husband reminded me the next "big one" is 50. Thank ya very much! But then he said, "Think of all we've done since 30!? Weve got a great time ahead."

And you know what? He's right! (I didn't just marry him for his looks after all :))

Just before and during our 30's...
...we celebrated our 7th anniversary
...we'd built our first home together
...we were settled with a great company and great careers
...we hit a bump and came out stronger (All the Glory!)
...we decided to alter the complete course of our lives and try for a family
...we got lucky and were blessed with our first child
...we built our second home together
...we got surprised (6 months after #1 arrived) and were gifted by a second
...we grew in our love and companionship more than we could have dreamed

And to think, we've got 10 years ahead to beat that.  Plus I have this to keep me young...

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