Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For Those Wondering

I've talked and facebooked with some of you on the results of the dental visit, but in a nutshell here's where things stand.

His two top front teeth did show trauma, whatever that means. You can see on the back side of the teeth at the gumline where they were pulled away from the gum a bit. The dentist, who I genuinely liked, did not take xrays yet because at first glance he could see they were loose and painful. So we go back in 2 weeks for those. Right now he said soft foods for 2 weeks and a couple things could happen.

  • They could be fine.
  • They could abcess, in a week, in a month, in a year and need to be pulled.
  • They could turn gray.
  • They could be fractured at the root and need pulled.
  • So, basically that's all we know. He had a rough time at dinner, spoon caused pain when he was eating some yogurt, then didn't want any pasta. Straw cup doesn't work well unless he remembers to put it to the side of his mouth.

    We'll see how today goes. Just hoping for the first option above to happen.

    Regardless, the paci was a no brainer. I was not going to take a chance at making things worse by giving it to him. Especially since it eventually has to go away anyway. Nothing like being forced into that decision :(

    So, that being said, last night did not go what I would categorize as a good first night without the paci.

    At 10:30 after 2+ hours of him crying and me in and out of his room to calm him down I finally gave in and rubbed his back until he fell asleep (took less than 3 minutes, he was so exhausted).

    He was up again at 1:30am for 30 minutes and again at 4:30am for an hour. I am not heartless and just letting him "cry" for those of you that think that is heartless, but am trying to console him without creating more of a mess and substituting myself for his not having a paci.

    Not once in the night did he ask for his paci by name. I thought that was interesting.

    I prepped him at bathtime about the paci by telling him I heard he took his nap without a paci, to which he replied "yep" and then said that the Paci Fairy had come to take his other paci's and give them to the baby geese (we see a lot of those this time of year). And that George, a friendly monkey (we were given a Curious George stuffed doll and book at Christmas by my cousin Jill and I had squandered it away for a later day) had come to say thank you and stay with him instead.

    We read books with George which he thought was especially cool and had our usual bedtime, then the long night began.

    Intead the crying started as "I go by Mommy (pronounced mahhhhmeeee)" which moved to "I want Mommy!" then onto "I need Mommy!" and occaisional substitution of Mommy with "taggie" (his blanket) when he chucked that out of the bed hoping I'd come in to retrieve it for him (he gets 1 chance at it and knows if a 2nd time happens it's gone) and/or "water" which he did not get.

    He has just fallen back asleep (which I will have to get him up for school in an hour) and will no doubt be exhausted today, as I can guarantee I will be as well, only to have to likely repeat this joyous experience again tonite.

    So, that's the night in a nutshell. I knew this day would eventually come, though I had hoped he would be a more cooperative part of the process by giving the paci up on his own, instead of being forced to do so because of this injury. And I'm not certain I want to answer a bunch of phone calls and emails about the experience yet, so don't be suprised if this is the only mention from me today.

    I'd really rather not relive it until I have to, which I expect will begin about 14 hours from now.

    I do want to thank many of you for the emails and fb comments of support. I do appreciate it!

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