Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paci Goes Bye Bye...

Just got a call from daycare. Jack took a tumble on the playground and knocked his front teeth on the concrete. One is loose and bleeding at the gumline slightly. I called a pediatric dentist and we have an appointment at 3pm. Since nap time is post haste, I am keeping him there for nap and will pick him up after for the appointment. However, instructions given - no paci at naptime. Can't risk it causing further problems.

Looks like we'll be going cold turkey on it tonite. No time like the present.

Stay tuned.

I think I will have plenty of time to post on this past weekend's trip to the beach too, I'd imagine I will be awake a few extra hours over the next few nights.

Wish me luck (Daddy got revenge, he's in Kentucky until Friday night!)
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