Wednesday, January 27, 2010

4 Days Left...and Ching Ching Ching!

That's right.  $64.33 was my total, by the time the coupons and ad savings registered, I paid only $34.55.  I have no other items in the Publix flyer for this week that I need, and  unless there are some really sweet coupons that show up in Sunday's paper - I'm in the black this month by about $35!  Helped that the bottle of wine I picked up at Winn Dixie on Saturday ended up also providing me with a $10 off a $50 purchase register coupon and my actual charges before coupons was $52.13 today, so since I can use the coupon at Publix because they take competitor coupons (which ROCKS because it's like getting a $10 BILL!!!)


Ok, I'll lay off the Publix, coupon, money saving posts for a while because I think my sisters and mother are starting to worry I've become obsessive.

(Though my thriftiness is catching because Alicia signed up me, Clare AND my mother on the Nestle Good Start website so we get mailed the formula coupons she needs for the new baby!)
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