Monday, January 4, 2010

Just When I'm Convinced Everyone Else Is Doing It Better Than Me

I see them on Sundays. Mothers with their children obediently
following them like ducklings to water, neatly pressed clothes, hair
combed down, silent as mice. Sigh.

Then there's us. Mom bent over grasped onto her two boys, trying to
keep them moving in one direction, preferrably the same one for all
three of us, hair slept on with wisps this way and that, and
continuous utterances of "this way, no running, stay with mommy, wait,
come on"

Another sigh, but this time from exhaustion thinking about it.

Today however I had two instances that made me feel like I had it
together like Mommy #1

Duke's new teacher made it a point to tell me that he answered her
"yes ma'am" and she was very impressed with it at his age. And on the
midst of our conversation, rather than interrupting me, Jack said
"excuse me" before proceeding to interrupt me. (small steps but still
impressive in my book).

Again I'm gently reminded that it's what's on the inside that matters
and on that level we seem to all be headed in the right direction.

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