Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning Trauma

I'm not a "jump up out of my chair when they get hurt" kind of mom. I have boys. Some things are inevitable. Everyone at daycare knows this, in fact Cindy who makes the calls to the parents when a child does fall on the playground or gets bit and I have a running joke about it that if one of mine doesn't have a bone sticking out or blood gushing there is no need to call me.

But when Cindy comes running down the hall at daycare while I'm getting Jack to his room and says they need me in Duke's room because he fell and hit his head there is a little bit of pit in the stomach panic. Not the way to start a Monday morning. This time the bookcase won.

Dr Waldo patched it with dermaglue. Hoping for no scar but doubtful :(. He did great though. By the time I got to his room (and I RAN, leaving Jack with his pants down on the potty is his room) he wasn't even crying. I almost felt worse for poor Sally who was his teacher in the room and felt awful even though she can't catch every kid that trips and falls.

But I'm still sad. My baby got hurt.
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