Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Pooping Post

Let's just remind everyone, I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old.  Bodily functions are still a mainstay of our weekend lives as we navigate the potty training YEARS.  (Those people that tell you that their daycare trained their kids are full of what they are trying to get their kids to do in the potty.)

Jack's pretty good, but lately he and I have been in a power struggle.  He wants to be the one to tell me he needs to go, if I let him do that he will inevitably be distracted by whatever he is playing with and have an accident and it's another load of laundry for me. 

We made some strides last weekend and this weekend. 

Last weekend, he actually had a regular time with it and we had no accidents.  WOW in my book.

This weekend, he took it up a notch and during his quiet time on Saturday went # 2 by himself in his potty, calling for us after the deed was done.  BIG WOW in my book.  Today, we may have gone a little too far.

Again during quiet time, he went by himself and called for me.  Very proud of him, and he was of course very proud of himself.  Nearing the end of quiet time, I heard him shout out something, but didn't quite make it out.  I waited a minute, and hearing silence, decided to investigate.

What I found - him, naked from the waist down, underwear and jeans on the floor, baby wipes in hand in the bathroom,

"Mommy I pooped in the potty and cleaned it all up by MYSELF!"

That's when I noticed the faint brownish spot on the white bathroom throw rug, streaks on the toilet seat and bathroom foot stool and a very proud 3 year old. 

I quickly pictured the scene a minute earlier, told him how very proud I was with him for cleaning it all up by himself and scrubbed him up with as much soap as humanly possiby in a sink (since God knows how he picked up whatever was on the carpet at some point) and sent him off to play.  Then turned to the lysol wipes and made over the bathroom, put the rugs in the wash and took a deep breath.

Independance, it's a wonderful thing...yep, sure it is.
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