Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Independence, Finally, um really?

6:50am Wednesday, January 20th, Odyssey Early School Birmingham, AL – Pre-K Room

“I don’t have to go tee tee this morning at school, you go Mommy.” – Jack, 3

 “Uh, ok, so I just give you a kiss and you go play, ok…”  Kiss “Love you” – Mommy, 38

 Jack runs over to the tables and his friends.  Mommy walks down the hallway to the exit, in shock.

That was my morning goodbye. 

After nearly a year of the following 10+ minute routine when dropping him off in the morning
(absolutely always in the same order or meltdown is imminent!)
-          Walk into K3B Room to Jack’s cubby
-          Wait patiently as he takes off his coat, hangs it and his backpack in the cubby
-          Walk across the hall to the Pre-K Room with Ms. Griselle (where he is until his teacher arrives around 7am)
-          Wait for him as he goes into the potty, etc.
-          Remind him to wash his hands (with soap) and dry them
-          Kiss each hand, fist pumps, tell him to have a good day and leave.

I can barely believe it happened.  Duke is a 5 second, “bye, love you, kiss kiss” and he’s off playing and so this extended drop off with Jack has always been a little on the frustrating side for me since I like to be up and out and into the day. 

But now, I’m not sure what to do. 

Celebrate that he’s telling me he’s ready to do more on his own, or cry because he doesn’t need me as much anymore.

Maybe it's finally the Independent 3's setting in, maybe it's the competitiveness in him seeing Duke tell me often "I did it by myself!" with that excited SELF! at the end of the sentence.  Either way, something was in the air this morning.

Ah, wait he can’t quite reach the snacks in the cupboard yet.  I guess I’m still good for something J

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