Sunday, January 3, 2010

One of Two Accomplished, but Sort of Wish It Had Been the Other

Resolutions, what are they really other than goals we set for ourselves that we have about a 50% chance to succeed at, if that, because once February hits we usually are on to some other distraction. 

Last year I set two for myself, and accomplished one of them, although I dearly wish I had been as diligent about the other since I am on the upper end of the place I started at last year!  Needless to say, that goal is still on the list for 2010.  One big step toward it for me is I did actually join a fitness club again in December and logged 17 miles for the last three weeks in December and a couple already for January, so perhaps my shot at hitting the target is a step ahead of where I was last year. 

I've been struggling with what other personal goals (resolution is such a self defeating word in my opinion), to set for 2010.  There are several areas of my life I'd like to improve upon, NEED to be improved upon.

I've blogged on it before, we are blessed with an amazing church and pastor, and once again he blasted the start of 2010 with exactly the message I needed to hear.  You can download the podcast, video or audio, or watch on the website

It's all about The Rule of Five, 5 activities I will do every day that will improve my life.  They don't have to take up all of my day, just something I do every day to raise my level of personal discipline.  (God knows I'm handing the discipline right and left out of this house these days, but very little of it am I forcing upon myself!)  It's about the process, not the result, get the process in my life every day and the results will naturally follow - and I agree on that point whole heartedly.

So, I have 3 of my 5 determined so far and am still searching deep for the other 2.  Feel free to share what you would have for your five, maybe it will inspire me to find my other 2!
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